Our Vision: Is to educate our customers about Energy Efficient Lighting, understand the Return on their Investment and provide the facts for making an intelligent decision before making a lighting investment.
Our Mission: Provide our customers ECO Friendly Lighting Solutions to help reduce the carbon emissions, power consumption and a lower cost of ownership.

Why SLS?


SLS offers the latest technologies in the lighting market place. Our portfolio includes Induction lighting for outdoor applications and LED for the indoor application. You will find our products come with the latest technology, with 2 important patents, making them more reliable and better performing.


SLS is established with representation in the Peru, Thailand, UK and USA. Our team brings forth the passion to assist you by providing the facts about Energy Efficient Lighting, explaining the differences of technology, explaining the Value Proposition as well as the Return on Investment. Our team is ready assist with your decision making in selecting the appropriate product for your requirements.

Induction Lighting

Induction is a technology that has been around for many years and is referred to “as the best kept secret in energy efficient lighting”, by the USA Department of Energy. Induction bulbs have no electrodes; the bulb is energized from an RF (radio frequency) electromagnetic field induced from a nearby induction coil of wire. Light is produced when the ions in the phosphorous coating are excited inside a glass envelope. The Induction bulbs does contain Amalgam Mercury which is safe. Induction lighting is 100% ECO friendly. Induction is similar to Fluorescent technology except it has no electrodes into the glass envelope. It can tolerate vibration, condensation, glass and metal expansion/contraction; it’s immune to most things that cause electrical contacts to fail. The integrity of the glass envelope is maintained; it cannot leak. The other important feature of Induction lighting is the energy efficiency which matches LED. Our Induction light is a Newly improved lamp that is MORE POWERFUL than LED lighting. It is the best solution to area lighting. Our lamps can boast 3 major improvements and 2 are protected with Patents. These are:
Patented Silicone Magnetic Ring Gasket (coils around the tube) The Manufacturers patent is for a silicon copper gasket which is high temperature resistant, high elastic and this solved the adverse phenomenon caused by a sharp change in inductance.
Low Frequency Self Adaptive IC Technology (Ballast) We successfully use the Phase Locked loop technology for all designed ballast. This completely solves the system failure problem of mismatching the Ballast and the Induction tube due to bad inductance of the lamp ring due to varying temperatures. Our ballast will adjust the frequency to compliment the lamps operating temperature for a more efficient operation. Our Ballast has been Third Party tested and verified by Tantratron, a French light testing company located in Toulouse France.
Tri-Phosphorous (not patented) We use a Tri-phosphorous coating that makes our lamps 25 to 33% brighter than our competitor’s Induction lights in the market place. Our lamps produce a soft and powerful bright light. This brightness is NOT GLARE like you have with LED lights. You can look at the light and it will not hurt your eyes and is not blinding like the LED glare.
These Patents and our Tri-Phosphorous mixture make our Induction light one of the most efficient, robust and brightest light in the market place. It can easily compete with LED lighting in power savings, provides a more consistent illumination, less expensive and is definitely brighter than LED lighting.

LED Lighting

Most of all the LED Lights in the market place are not meeting expectations. The Luminaires normally incorporate several small LED’s to achieve a higher wattage. We bring to the Market Place High Power LED’s which are much larger in diameter incorporating Chip on Board Technology. By incorporating larger LED’s with a higher wattage output, we reduce the number of LED used in the light and reduce the thermal management problem considerably. Our illumination capability is much better and stronger with a higher foot candle output. You will find our LED Lights have a much better quality of light. LED Lights do have problems with the elements of weather and are best suited for indoor applications where the environment is controlled.


Who we are?

This is a DBA for RTM Ventures, Inc., a USA company, which focuses in providing the best products in the Market place. Spectral Lighting Solutions (SLS) brings the best performing Induction Light and LED Light to the forefront. Our lighting products come with a Five (5) year warranty and utilize the best materials in the final product. You will find quality in workmanship as well as in our pricing structures making a lighting investment affordable. Our team brings passion to the industry, a desire to assist you in making an informed decision and will provide you with the best solution for your desired application. We have representatives ready to assist you.

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May 29th, 2014

Third party testing for LCL (China) In collaboration with LED Spectrum (USA) Prepared by Tantratron (France) Download (PDF)